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What we have to offer

Here at Your Guardian Angel Preschool and Childcare, we offer quality childcare from ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age.  With locations in both Jersey Shore and Lock Haven, we strive to welcome people into our family each and everyday.  Our Creative Curriculum that we use daily aligns with the PA Learning Standards and includes teaching Spanish and Sign Language starting at age 6 months.  In Jersey Shore, we partner with the school district to bring PreK Counts plus we have a second PreK Counts class in Jersey Shore and two PreK Counts classes in Lock Haven through our State College partners.  PreK Counts is a state funded program geared towards low income families so that they can get a quality pre-kindergarten education for their 3-5 year old (not of school age qualification)before entering the schools for kindergarten. 

Loving Environment

Once you enter our doors, your family is our family.  We will help you and yours out as much as we possibly can.  We extend our hands and hearts to bring you a caring environment that is an extension of your loving household.

Diapers/ Wipes

Potty train

As a center, we provide diapers and wipes as long as our brands do not react with the child’s skin. We also  will work with you on potty training.  At two years, or even before this with the child’s interest, we will start taking your child to the potty every hour to try and potty.  With this, though, we will not ever make your child sit on the potty so that they are not scared.


We will supply formula for your  baby.  (milk based Walmart formula). Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to bring in bags or pre-filled bottles of breastmilk and we will feed your baby throughout your work day.  

Meals/ Snacks

As a center, we supply breakfast until 8:30 AM, AM Snack, Lunch, and PM Snack.  All of our meals and snacks align with the CACFP guidelines which monitors us to give healthy meal and snack choices.  

Peanut free

We are a Peanut Free site. We do not use any products with peanuts in the ingredients.

 School age Care

We offer a before and after school age program.  We also have a summer camp that we do with school age that includes field trips and swimming.

What our customers are saying

Couldn’t ask for a better second family and great group of co workers and bosses.  My kids love going here as well.  Taught my daughter so much and is teaching my son as well.

Glenda Bortz-parent/ former employee

Our prices

Compare our prices.  

We also offer before and after school age care for $85 a week then have a summer program for $120 a week.  Our wrap around fee for PreK Counts children is $90 a week. 

Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)


Per week

Diapers/ wipes

Walmart milk based formula

Baby food/ cereal (once you try them)

Sign language

Toddlers (1 year to up to three and potty trained)


Per Week

Diapers/ wipes

Potty training

meals/ snacks

Our curriculum that aligns with the PA learning standards

Preschool/ PreK (3-5 and potty trained)


Per week

Meals/ snacks

Our curriculum that aligns with the PA learning standards

Meals/ snacks

Sign language/ Spanish

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